Art at Weltevreden

The works of Stellenbosch art do not simply litter the exterior of Weltevreden Estate. Many an exquisite canvas magnificently enhances the interior of the Manor House.  All the artists represented here have a unique characteristic that endears them and their work to Weltevreden Estate.

Ruhan Janse van Rensburg is a well-known and respected South African artist. Janse van Rensburg’s work explores (and essentially) redefines authentic obsessions. The artist’s spontaneous approach in creating disguised objects and figures does not fit any specific category as his style is not a label, but much rather an effective tool leave the viewer with a responsibility to draw their own conclusions.

Bacon, renowned for his bold, graphic and emotionally raw images of abstract figures set against flat, non-descript backgrounds and depicted subjects in glass and steel geometrical cages.

Neo-Baroque artist, Coetzee associated with the Avant-garde movement in Europe and Japan during the 1950’s, is truly represented at the estate. His Heads Series painted between 1994-1995, hold a particular appeal and is widely considered to be the pinnacle of his work done on paper as preferred medium. It also signalled the beginning of his unmistakable minimalist style.

Landsberg’s fortune might have its roots in the tobacco and snuff industries, however his ability to convey on canvas the vulnerability of man as it pertains to his relationship with God, is undoubtedly what he will be revered for. One of his most noted works has to be that of Adam and Eve, which can be seen towering magnificently from the back wall of the formal lounge in the Manor House.

De Villiers’ work in the mediums of oil, acrylic and other various graphic media is filled with rich colour, texture and creates a luminous play of light. This journey of self-discovery is bursting with symbolism and mystery. The images (as messengers) carry a metamorphosis of forgotten memories and seemingly lost dreams.